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Pizza Oven Build Part 7 – The Outer Arch

In the last post I’d completed the dome and now it’s time to add the outer arch which incorporated the flue and chimney. Some pizza oven builds don’t have this but having a good chimney will allow for better air flow and a hotter fire.

Forming the arch

In part 5 of my build I the arch was self supporting but as it was integrated into the dome structure it was very strong. I had my doubts about the outer arch and so I decided to add a support structure which is an old bit of metal I had in my shed! I love a bit of recycling!

I bent the metal into the arch shape on my belly (yes really) and then wedged it in place. I was then able fix the bricks in place with some mortar mix.
pizza oven outer arch 1
pizza oven outer arch 2

As you can see I have used some old block paving bricks for the arch. I wouldn’t use these for the actual oven as the high temperatures could cause them to crack, but I think they’ll be fine for the outer arch as there is less contact with direct heat.

The Flue

Now it’s time to close it which will form the throat to the flue and chimney. I had some facing bricks (which I’d found in a skip), and used these for the job.

You can use your imagination for this part of the build and use what bricks you have available.

pizza oven outer arch 3

Here you can see how it all worked out.

pizza oven outer arch 4

The Chimney

Finally I added a 500mm length of flue pipe I bought off Amazon for £17 and semi fixed it in place with refactory cement. I want to be able to take the metal pipe off so I can put a cover on when not in use so I didn’t want it permanently in place.
pizza oven outer arch 5
pizza oven outer arch 6

I know this hasn’t been the most in depth post but if you’ve read all the previous posts then you’ll have the knowledge of cutting bricks, making fireproof mortar etc and will give you some guidance.

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