Ooni’s BIGGEST oven yet: the 24″ Koda 2 Max

Because I love my pizza, I’m subscribed to the Ooni newsletter and today I had an email promoting their largest oven ever, the Koda 2 Max Gas-Powered Pizza Oven.

Most portable pizza ovens have space to just cook a single 12 inch pizza, but this one has a 24 inch cooking surface, so it’s a go for two pizza’s at a time or even a jumbo 20 incher! Interesting.

Ooni's BIGGEST oven yet: the 24" Koda 2 Max 1

Is that enough for me to want to spend £799 ($999) on it? What else does it have?

It has two gas burners that can be controlled independently too, allowing for “duel zone cooking”, so you can cook pizza on one side and roast veg or steak on the other side for example.

Finally, they’ve put some electronics in there so users can remotely monitor the oven temperature using the new Ooni Connect™ functionality in the Ooni app, along with the front-end temperature display.

  • 24″ cooking area
  • Duel-zone cooking
  • Ooni G2 gas technology
  • Digital temperature hub
Ooni's BIGGEST oven yet: the 24" Koda 2 Max 2
Ooni Koda 2 Max (CNW Group/Ooni Pizza Ovens)

Obviously I haven’t tried this oven as it’s not on sale until the end of May 2024, but I hopped on over to Reddit to see what others thought of the Koda 2 Max.

byu/Moscavitz from discussion

Most of the portable ovens from the likes of Ooni and Gozney have a single back burner, so having two burners on the sides gives lots more control to cook a variety of foods at the same time.

That being said, when I’ve cooked pizzas on the traditional single pizza Ooni, it’s only taken 5 minutes max to cook, but I agree, having more floor space to move things around is helpful, and is what I get with my larger wood-fired brick oven.

byu/Sad-Worldliness6026 from discussion

The user above though thinks the temperature control on the Koda 2 Max is a gimmick, but agrees with everything else.

byu/Sad-Worldliness6026 from discussion

One of the big differences between this oven and others is the digital temperature readout, which you can connect to your phone via Bluetooth.

This does take some of the simplicity out of your pizza oven, and means you probably have to be a bit more careful with storage etc. but it you’re dropping that amount of money on it then you should be looking after it.

The electronic side is just for the temperature readouts though and not for operating the oven which just has the usual gas knobs, so even if the readout did fail you can use your oven.

What do you think?

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