Pizza Oven Build Part 9 – Finishing the Build

I part 8 I had added an insulation layer and render on the dome and in this final part of the build, yes I did say final, I added more render to the whole oven and made it look nice!

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Second Dome Render

Adding  another layer of render will add further insulation and strength to the dome. Again I used the same mixture of 4 parts plastering sand with 1 part lime and 1 part cement for this.Adding render to the dome
2nd render on pizza oven dome

As this is the final layer it’s important to get a good finish and once the render starts to set you can ‘sand’ the surface with a plaster float. You don’t need a perfectly smooth surface as it’ll be painted later which will cover any small imperfections. You’ll be able to dust off these small particles sanded off once they’ve dried.

This is also the perfect time to add some personal touches so I used a nail to engrave the year into the dome.

roman numerals engraved

Rendering the Rest of the Build

With the dome rendered the oven is essentially complete but I wanted to render the rest so that the blockwork is hidden and has a smooth finish that can be oven
rendered oven

Here you can see all the walls have been rendered and I also rendered the ‘work top’ and gave them nice rounded edges. My tips is to just get the render on, let it set a little, and then you can smooth and shape how you want.

I also bought a few tiles from Topps Tiles to add a little flair. I really wanted some blue ‘Moroccan’ style ones but these were the only ones I could get but I think they look good.

Painting the oven

This is most definitely the final part of the pizza oven build and for this I used Sandtex Ultra Smooth Masonary Paint which is waterproof and adds another layer of protection to the oven.

The finished pizza oven

I have to say that I’m very happy with the finished oven and it looks pretty good in the corner of the garden. Overall it took me 4 months to finish but that was a case of finding spare weekends and a few hours here and there in the evenings, so don’t think it actually takes that long if you’re considering building your own.

painted oven
Pizza Oven
Pizza Oven

Was it worth it?

Yes! It’s been a nice project to undertake and a great reason to have people around. I’m not sure how much it cost in total but it must be around £300 even with some recycled materials. Firebricks, concrete, insulation, etc all come at a cost and there are some things you can’t scrimp on if you want your oven to actually work and to still be standing in years to come.

The pizzas taste pretty good too!

If you’re considering building your own oven then I say “Do It!” and you can see all the parts in this build here.

Fire in the pizza oven

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    • Two layers would have been what I’d read in other oven builds so went with that. The first layer is for strength and can be a little messier ensuring all the blanket is covered, and the second layer can be nice and smooth.

  1. Hi there, wondering what sort of render you used for the supporting blocks? We have inherited a pizza oven which has exposed breeze blocks on the bottom and would ideally like to cover these too. Also, the dome of our pizza oven needs repainting badly with a few cracks, would you recommend re-rendering? Thank you.


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