Me and my veg!

Please note this hasn’t been updates for aaaaaaages…. so that needs doing. Cool?

GardenGeek.Net is a blog about gardening, chickens, DIY, and also a few geeky things too.

Who am I?

Hey, my name’s Adem, in my early 40s, married to Emma, dad to Amara and I love getting in the garden and making lots of mess. I live in Kent and have a nice garden to muck around in so I’m generally out there at weekends trying to grow fruit and veg, eating said fruit and veg, looking after the chickens and doing some garden DIY to save a bit of money. I also like to run too!

Why Garden Geek?

Garden Geek kinda describes what I’m about and what I like. Not only do I like gardening but I also build websites and this was the best way to overlap my two favourite hobbies.

What can you expect?

You’ll find me mostly blogging about my garden, growing stuff, making things, and stuff like that. Mind-blowing stuff I think you’ll agree but why not read this post to see what my garden looks like and what I’m planning to do.

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