Garden Kitchen Ideas

Outdoor BBQ garden kitchen worktop

Your garden really is where the “fun” cooking takes place, we all agree it’s exciting cooking with real fire, so why not make the most of it and build yourself an outdoor garden kitchen? I love the theatre of my pizza oven, entertaining for friends and family, especially when they get to make their own pizzas, …

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Praise for the pizza oven

White outdoor pizza oven in a lovely garden

I feel pretty proud that I built my own pizza oven from scratch and guests who come over to eat homemade pizzas are pretty chuffed and jealous in equal measures too! But this week I had the pleasure of getting the following email. Not only had Jim read about my pizza oven on this blog …

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Homemade Wood Crates

Wooden crate with a Jack Daniels logo

Everywhere I go I seem to see wood crates… in garden centres, fashion shops, food shops, independent stores, anywhere really and they’re mostly used for displays rather than actual storage. I can see why they’re everywhere because they very nice! Rustic, vintage, solid, and very flexible in use… so I thought I’d make my own! …

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Shedspiration… Interior Shed & Workshop Design

Shedspiration... Interior Shed & Workshop Design 10

My shed, like many of yours, is generally an unloved dumping ground where many many items go to be forgotten. This isn’t what my shed was for. My shed was to be a workshop, an organised space, somewhere I could go and work and enjoy. What happened? Life got in the way… that’s what,  and …

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Pizza Oven Build Part 6 – Finishing the Dome

Pizza Oven Build Part 6 - Finishing the Dome 16

In the last post I’d started the dome and in this part I finish it! [infobox maintitle=”Want to build your own pizza oven?” subtitle=”Click here for all parts of the pizza oven build guide” bg=”yellow” color=”black” opacity=”off” space=”30″ link=””] So here’s what it looked like where we left it last time and up until that …

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