Hardy Plants for your garden

Lily of the Valley

If you are looking for a garden that can maintain a great appearance, with ease, then hardy plants could be for you. Hardy plants are those that can withstand low temperatures and this makes them great for gardens in the UK. With the ever unpredictable British weather, there aren’t even any guarantees when it comes …

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Preparing Your Garden For Winter

Preparing Your Garden For Winter 2

With summer gone and winter not far away there are certain jobs that need to be done and a few hours work will help you and you garden over winter. You’ve also no doubt bought plants and spent money in the garden so it would be a shame to see those plants die and you have …

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Growing Grape Vines in Southern England

Growing Grape Vines in Southern England 3

Half my family live in Northern Cyprus, and when I was a child I used to go and visit for the school holidays, six weeks, every summer. I used to stay in the town of Güzelyurt which is famous for its citrus farming and if you go there you will see huge groves of oranges and lemons, …

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New life in the garden

New life in the garden 4

I like getting out with my camera and thought I’d pop out and take some photos of all the new life that has sprung up in the garden. I love it when new shoots, leaves, and buds start appearing after their dormant winter phase so here is what you can find in my garden. For …

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