Sovereign YT6201-12 Garden Leaf Blower and Vacuum Review

Yes you can see it as a little lazy in getting a leaf blower/vacuum when you can do it all by hand but where’s the fun in that when you can buy gadgets such as the Sovereign YT6201-12 Garden Blower and Vacuum. I personally bought this so check out the video I made showing off what it does.

The main benefit of this garden vac is that it shreds and mulches your leaves etc so they take up a lot less space in your composter or in your green waste bin.


  • Ergonomic design for maximum efficiency.
  • Mulching ratio 10-1.
  • Lever control for switching from blower to vacuum.
  • Wheels for easy control and movement.
  • Strong blowing wind for leaf clearing.


  • Not great with wet materials
  • Can’t suck up larger twigs etc.

Overall it’s a good product for me and at just over £20 you won’t be spending a huge amount and can’t go far too wrong.

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    • Um.. so this reply is 2.5 years late… I guess I missed it… but in case anyone else sees this and has the same issue, then ‘yes’ you can buy spares on Amazon and eBay for around £10-£20.


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