Preparing Your Garden For Winter

With summer gone and winter not far away there are certain jobs that need to be done and a few hours work will help you and you garden over winter. You’ve also no doubt bought plants and spent money in the garden so it would be a shame to see those plants die and you have to spend that money again next year.

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Remove old and dying plants

Not only does it make the garden look untidy but leaving these in the ground could provide an opportunity for disease to spread as well as providing a food source for slugs and snails. Stop feeding them now and you’ll have fewer pests come spring.

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Remove weeds

They’re dormant now but those weeds will just bed in and come back stronger so dig them up and try and remove as much of the root as possible. This will weaken them and hopefully they won’t come back.

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Put your furniture away

With strong winds and rain you risk your garden furniture getting damaged so either store it away or stack and cover with tarpaulin.


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Look after your lawn.

Rake leaves from the lawn and give it a final cut on a tall setting. These leave will be great in the compost and as the grass will stop growing over winter it’ll be all good until spring.

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Plant bulbs

Get these in now and you’ll have a great surprise in spring when you’ve forgotten about them!

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Outbuilding and fence maintenance

Check over your shed for rotten boards and dodgy guttering, and get it fixed now. The same goes for fence posts, as it’s easier to make these repairs now on your own terms than letting mother nature dictate when you have to do this. I can tell you from personal experience that it’s no fun trying to put new fence posts in when the ground is rock hard and there are only a few hours of daylight each day!

Fence Falling Over

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Clean and sharpen your tools

After a season of use your spade and other tools will be slightly dull so sharpen them now and rub with vegetable oil to prevent rust. You can also oil your wooden handles too using vegetable oil which will help rejuvenate and protect the wood.

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Move your pots and containers

Move these to sheltered spots, next to walls, but not completely out of the way and it’s good to keep an eye over them in cold weather. It’s also a good time to remember to protest those plants that are sensitive to frosts.

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Anything else?

Yes, everyone’s gardens are different so this isn’t an exhaustive list but should get you going in the right direction.

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