New Garden Fencing

One of the tasks to get done before winter was to get a new garden fence erected and as you can see I’ve done a fair bit! A nice picture of the Cordyline australis too!

Garden Fence

In the winter it gets quite windy here so I opted for concrete posts which wouldn’t rot, snap, or blow down, and have also gone for some stylish panels which have less wind resistance due to their design. These were a lot more expensive than your bog standard panels (x3) but they look nice and are less harsh than a lot of fencing.


Previously we just had short posts with chicken wire which didn’t give any privacy, so not only do we now have that but it will also give a good backdrop to plants and frame everything nicely.

There’s more fencing to go up at the back of the garden, but that’s not a priority just yet and happy to have finally got the panels up after lots of digging! So happy I invested in a post digger!

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