Readers Eggs

“Don’t count your chickens before they hatch” is a saying that kind of applies to this post… but not really.. It’s got something to do with chickens… and eggs… and yolks.. but no actual hatching… hmmm let’s start again.

Oh Okey Cokey Yokey!

1-2-3- Combo EggsWhen you crack open an egg you’re never entirely sure what’s going to be in there. I’ve regaled my story of having three triple yolk eggs in the past *cue readers rolling their eyes at that story again..* and that was pretty impressive but sometime you have to give credit to styling it out and check out what one of our Garden Geek readers had happen to them.

Jean emailed in with the following photo of her prefect one, two, three egg cracking combo. First out into the pan was a single yolk… okay all normal so far, then a double yolker… whoo hoo we all love a double yolker, but it’s not over yet as on the third crack she got a triple yolker! Truly amazing!

“Yesterday morning I cracked a single yolk, a double yolk and then a TRIPLE yolk egg in my frying and..I was astounded”

Can it get any better?

Another reader, Helen, sent in a link to a video that she thought I’d find interesting… I’m not going to ruin it but you got to watch this:

What next?

I’m not sure where to go from here, but if you see anything exciting then please let me know.

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