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Garden Pallets

I’ve already used old wooden pallets to make a wheelie bin shelter and have told you about sheds made from pallets but what other uses are there for your humble pallet?

Taking pallets apart can be very hard work so here are some great ideas where you don’t even need to do that!

Strawberry Planter

Get a pallet, put landscape fabric on the inside, fill with potting soil, cut holes and add strawberry plants. Done! Here’s a version I spotted in Bristol:

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Shed Storage

Fix the pallet to your shed wall and you’ve got a handy storage solution for rakes, brooms, and more.

Vegetable Beds

These are a great solution as they not only ensure that there is adequate space between your greens but also ensure no weeds grow inbetween!

Entertaining Area

How nice would this look on your decking? Just two pallets fixed together with some nice paving slabs on top.

Pallet Swing

Pallets are extremely strong and if you’ve got a tree, rope, and a comfy cushion then how about this:

Vertical Garden

This follows the same lines as the strawberry planter but is a great option if space is limited or if you only have a small courtyard garden. See you don’t even need a garden, just a wall to prop it up against.

Pallet Sofa

Get half a dozen pallets… screw them together.. and then add some nice cushions. These are a really simple solution for some outdoor seating which doesn’t cost the earth.

Endless possibilities

These are just a handful of ideas where work and effort is minimal so imagine what you could do if you really got stuck in? Visit our Pinterest board for more inspiration.

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