Building a shed from wooden pallets

Wooden Pallets

Sheds, summerhouses and workshops can be expensive to buy and where is the fun in getting someone else to come and build it when you can do it yourself?

A project I’d like to undertake in the future is to build a shed from discarded wood pallets and I’ve started my research by seeing what others have done. I’m petty handy so think i could do this but it’s great to see how other people have made theirs and also learn from any mistakes they’ve made.

I’ve been pinning photos to a Pinterest board which you can see below:

Follow Adem’s board DIY Pallet Shed on Pinterest.

A few miles from me there is an industrial estate and I often see plenty of pallets ready to be disposed of so I’m hoping that I should be able to get them for free or alternatively pay a small price for them. Click here for tips to find free pallets. Wood is incredible expensive so even paying for pallets would be cheaper than buying  the same amount of wood in most cases.

First I’d need to design the shed but there are plenty of examples out there and I especially like the look of the cladding on this shed/summer house from Cabbage Dan. If you visit that link it will take you to his post which details the way he went about making his.


Next it will be the procurement of pallets as I will roughly know how many I need but more than likely I will be doing this little by little. If you live around Canterbury and have some pallets then I’d love to take them off your hands!

Emma isn’t too keen on me making my own shed but I know I can win her around when she finds out how awesome I’ve going to make it! There’s no time frame for this and plenty to do beforehand but it’ something to look forward too right?

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