Shedspiration… Interior Shed & Workshop Design

My shed, like many of yours, is generally an unloved dumping ground where many many items go to be forgotten. This isn’t what my shed was for. My shed was to be a workshop, an organised space, somewhere I could go and work and enjoy. What happened?

Life got in the way… that’s what,  and with some days off work booked I’m going to reclaim the space and make it my own. This will involve a lot of throwing away, a lot of re-purposing, and a lot of hard work but it’ll be worth it. It’s worth noting that my shed is a sizable 16ft x 10ft.

Shedspiration... Interior Shed & Workshop Design 1


I’ve been off work ill a couple of days and whilst laying on the sofa in my duvet I got to catch-up on some important daytime TV and got quite a bit of inspiration.

In the UK we love anything to do with home improvement, design, DIY, etc and in recent years there’s been a big shift towards upcycling, so my viewing of choice this week was “Money for Nothing” which “saves things from being dumped and transforms them into valuable pieces, making money for people who had no idea there was cash to be made from their trash.”

That is most definitely my bag but you’re wondering what that has to do with shed design? I’ll tell you…

Awesome designers and awesome workshops

The show has a group of amazing designers and craftsmenpeople who really can turn junk into something special but the main point is that we get to see them working in their workshops and it’s nice to see professional workspaces and how they’re set up. Check out Zoe Murphy and Rupert Blanchard, both of whom work in Margate (just down the road from me.)

Functional but pleasing to the eye

Your shed or workshop has to functional and be a usable space but it should also be somewhere you actually want to spend time and where you can be inspired.

Shedspiration... Interior Shed & Workshop Design 2
Zoe Murphy’s shop in Margate
Shedspiration... Interior Shed & Workshop Design 3
Rupert Blanchard’s workshop in Margate

What you use your shed for will have some inspiration on your style and it would be great for it to reflect what you actually enjoy doing in your shed. I enjoy woodworking so will aim to incorporate that into it but would also like to add some colour to it as well as plain wood can be pretty boring.

After writing this blog post I’m feeling pretty inspired to not only spruce up the shed but also get working in it so will keep you updated! I’m already pinning ideas!

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