Pizza Oven Build – Part 2

In Part 1 of my pizza oven build I had made the foundation base and once that set it was time to get my bricklaying skills out!

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Materials Required

I already had an idea in my head of how the oven would be designed but wasn’t 100% clear on all the quantities needed but here’s what I ended up using for my base structure.

  • Dense Concrete Blocks x 30 (around £1.75 each)
  • 1200mm Concrete Lintel (around £9)
  • 600mm Concrete Lintel (around £6)
  • 25kg Pre-mixed Mortar x 2 (£6 each)

You’ll also need:

A lot of pizza oven plans won’t call for a lintel and instead build wooden formwork and then pour a concrete top but I like to be different and based on how much concrete I needed in part 1 of the build I decided lintels and pre-made concrete slabs would be better.

Laying Bricks

It’s not rocket science, but I did have to have a look on Youtube as to the best way to cut the concrete blocks to size. I did consider using an angle grinder… but they are messy and noisy, and this method it very easy indeed!

Fully prepped I was able to start laying my bricks!

pizza oven brick laying 2

Check every brick to make sure they’re level and you’re not building a wonky wall! This is what I like to see!

pizza oven brick level

Almost finished bricklaying

All that’s left at this bricklaying stage is to lay a few more bricks on the front lintel and then I’ll be laying the slabs on top. After that it’s an insulation layer, and then I get to start building the actual oven dome! Read the next part here.

pizza oven brick laying

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