Letting the chickens roam

The weather this weekend was marvellous and no doubt everyone enjoyed getting out in the garden and enjoying the sunshine, and this wasn’t just the humans! Mabel (Red), Mavis (White), and Maude (Grey) loved getting out!

Chicken - Mabel

The chickens have a coop and a run and whilst I want them to have more space and be free to roam around,  I also have a protective eye on them for the moment and so we compromised and I penned off some of the garden for them to explore. They enjoyed pecking and scratching around whilst I enjoyed not having to keep too much on an eye on them and getting on with what I was doing.

Chickens in the garden

Eventually I’d like them to have free roam on evenings and weekends but I haven’t clipped their flight feathers yet so for the moment this is the best compromise. Our garden fences are only just over a metre tall and I already know that they can jump over them but that’s another story!

Any eggs yet?

This is the question I keep getting asked and the answer is no. The girls are almost 18 weeks old now so they could be laying from now, but a look on forums shows that it could possibly be a few more weeks yet too, so we’ll just keep waiting.

Do you just blog about chickens now?

I know I’ve been blogging mostly about chickens but they really are more interesting than telling you about the weeding I did! There will be more non-chicken related posts in the future so watch this space.

I hope you all had a great weekend too and roll on the summer!

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