Identifying plants in the garden

Unless you’re Alan Titchmarsh or you’ve kept the labels then you’re probably not going to know the names of all the plants in your garden, if any, and that’s the case with me. In some cases I’ve got a rough idea and in some cases I’ve got no idea so I thought it would be helpful for me to start documenting my plants so that I can remember what they’re called!

I don’t have anything too exotic in the garden so the fact is you may more than likely have these plants too so hopefully this series of articles will help you out although the main priority is for me to document what I have growing.

I’ve got several gardening books and the best one I’ve been able to use so far is a book by the Royal Horticultural Society called RHS How to Garden: A Practical Introduction to Gardening Identifying plants in the garden 1which is pretty useful and I’ve been able to use it to identify quite a few different plants but having a look on Amazon shows that the RHS also do a booked called RHS Encyclopedia of Plants and FlowersIdentifying plants in the garden 2 which sounds infinitely more suitable for this task.

RHS - How to Garden Book

As you can see ‘RHS – How to Garden’ has quite brief descriptions but along with photos provides all the information I need. A quick look online brings up a few useful plant identifier websites such as this one by the RHS which could also be quite helpful but there’s nothing like bein able to skim quickly through a book and have an image catch your eye. So keep an eye out for knowing what all the plants in my garden are actually called!


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