Growing Giant Courgettes

I enjoy growing my own veg and if you’re going to start your own growing then I think there’s nothing easier to grow than courgettes. Okay they’re a little boring but they’re so easy to grow and you can get dozens from a single plant so at least you’ve got something to show for your minimal effort.

This year I went a bit overboard and grew myself three plants from seed and the reality is that I only needed one but I’m greedy and for the same effort it’s quite nice to get a bumper crop and have some to give away to friends and family as there really is only so much courgette you can get through. I had them in bolognese, soup, salads, and anything else I could make from them but I got pretty bored after that many courgettes!

In the end I started seeing how big I could grow my courgettes and I was pretty happy with the results. They’re pretty much inedible probably but great to show off!

Giant Courgette

No that’s not just a random banana. I put it there to show some scale obviously!

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