Fruitful time in the garden

There’s nothing like having your own fruit in the garden and whilst I’ve previously had things like raspberries and strawberries I’ve never had a real fruit tree. I guess the thinking was that they take a long time to mature and I wouldn’t get to see the benefits but now I’m in a long term home I’ve changed that and have a multitude of types!

Plum Tree

I’m not too sure of the variety but I bought this one very cheaply at a supermarket and wasn’t too sure if it was going to take. I planted it last summer and it looked to have died off but this spring it’s started to show promise and I’ve got the beginnings of some fruit on there. Okay these two are the only fruit on the tree but that should change as time goes on.



Again this looked to have died off soon after planting in Autumn, but again it has come back and I’m preparing to have myself an awesome rhubarb crumble! I always like to have rhubarb down the bottom of the garden as it doesn’t take much looking after and comes back again and again.


I’m rather lucky that these were already at the house when we bought it and I’ve managed to pen them off and get some bumper crops. Last year we even made raspberry ice cream!


Last summer I went to the Sissinghurst Castle Smallholdings Fair and won this as a prize courtesy of Cromar Nursery. I didn’t actually get the plant until February but it’s taken amazingly well and I was surprised to see the start of some apples on there. It’s an Epicure Apple tree, M26 variety which means it’s semi-vigorous with sweet juicy fruit.


I bought two small plants at the Smallholding Fair where I won the apple tree and they are now showing some small blueberries and hopefully this will grow year on year. Not much of a feast this summer though!


Everyone loves strawberries and this summer I’ve planted some in my raised beds. They’re growing well and I’ll look to get more plants from the runners they’re currently sprouting.


It’s quite cheap to buy fruit in the supermarket but there honestly isn’t the same taste as those you’ve grown yourself. I quite often find that fruit in some supermarkets just doesn’t taste that good and are often bland. Not all fruit, but you just know that a lot is intensively grown, forced to be bigger, and grown quicker, with less of a focus on taste. Fruit from your own garden which takes it time to grow tastes so much better!

I haven’t even mentioned the pear tree and the cherry tree I’ve planted but I haven’t featured them here as they’re not fruiting yet. Whilst you may not have the space or time to plant a fruit tree there’s always room to grow something like strawberries and they will often take in planter bags on a patio so what’s stopping you?

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