Ooni Fyra

The first egg!

Ever since we got the chickens four and a bit weeks ago people have been asking if we’ve had any eggs and I’ve had to say no but yesterday we got our first egg from our Chickens! The chickens are around 18 weeks old now and forums said that it could be up to 25 weeks before we saw anything but one of the girls did us proud and my suspicions are that it was Mavis, our Light Sussex, who laid.

Chicken Egg

This was the whole reason for getting the chickens, and whilst they do make good pets, I want eggs from them and this is the start! The 3 hens should lay around 900 eggs between them each year and that could be 17 a week! They’re not machines though and I’d settle for a dozen a week!

The helpful forums said it was fine to eat the first egg and so I had it fried and it tasted good! The egg was a little small but not bad for a first try and they should get bigger from now on.

Onwards and upwards from here!

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