Easy DIY Garden Gates/doors

Last year I made a wheelie bin shelter from pallets and yesterday I finally got around to putting doors on it! It was pretty simple so I’m not sure why I kept putting it off!

The idea for the shelter was to keep the bins away from the house, keep them neat, and keep them out of sight, so doors will be a good thing!

Finished bin shelter

What I’ve done is basically make garden gates and they’re made from old floorboards I had in my shed so although they’re not pallets, they’re still pretty eco-friendly… and free!

Preparing your materials

All you need is wood, screws, and finally hinges. Easy. Below you can see the wood, cut to length, edges sanded, and then laid out before screwing together.

Easy DIY Garden Gates/doors 1
Easy DIY Garden Gates/doors 2
Easy DIY Garden Gates/doors 3

If you’ve got an electric mitre saw and a power screwdriver then this is a very easy job to do. ¬†Once screwed together you’re left with some pretty hefty gates!

Hanging the gates

My top tip for you is to ensure you have enough of a gap at the bottom of your gates….. I learnt this the hard way! I thought I’d done everything well but my path has a bit of a slope so the doors wouldn’t open all the way so I had to do some trimming.

Have a gap is just good practice too so that your gates don’t catch on debris and if you’re trying to be good, then the gap will also allow hedgehogs to enter your garden if you’re making actual garden gates.

Easy DIY Garden Gates/doors 4
Easy DIY Garden Gates/doors 5
Easy DIY Garden Gates/doors 6

So the doors are on now, along with some handles, and all that’s left is to put a latch on it and then stain it the same colour as the shelter.

It’s not too technical at all, and you end up with some really solid doors.

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