Do Conkers Repel Spiders?

Today many teachers are on strike and that means that children have had the day off school but imagine my surprise on the way home when I spotted loads of conkers on the ground. What plausible explanation could there be as to why this goldmine hadn’t been touched? In my day conkers was a great game in the school playground and me and my mates would go hunting for conkers and in most cases we were not even prepared to wait for them to fall naturally. We would chuck sticks, rocks, anything, to try and knock them down. These would then be hung from shoelaces and beaten to a pulp. Great fun I think you’ll agree!

Conkers on the ground

Last month a few had come down and based on some ‘words of wisdom’ I took some home in an effort to rid the house of spiders. Living in the countryside means lots of creepy-crawlies and although I think they’re brilliant, my wife disagrees and is really quite scared of spiders. I think the spiders get rid of other insects and pests, whilst again the wife hates them. So the old wives tale is that spiders hate conkers and I was prepared to give it a go but when you see a spider sitting next to a conker then you have to doubt the accuracy of this claim.

So a quick search online shows that many people believe this to be true, and in most cases will add a caveat to explain why it’s not always successful. They have to be fresh, they have to be placed near windows, it only works on some spiders,, etc, etc.. Further googling shows that this is in fact a big old pile of dollup and this was proven by a bunch of schoolkids!

Okay, I agree that you can’t guarantee anything 100%, but I’m pretty sure that conkers don’t repel spiders, so it looks like the only alternative is to arrange a game of conkers! And as for the spiders I’m happy to have them around.

As an aside the Woodland Trust agree that conkers don’t repel spiders but they do repel moths!

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