Scaffold Plank Shelving

Scaffold Plank Shelving 1

I love recycling, reusing, and upcycling so when I wanted to put a new shelf up in the living room I popped to the bottom of the garden and grabbed an old scaffold plank section that had been left by the previous owners. I don’t like throwing wood away and it’s at times like this …

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Easy Pallet Ideas

Garden Pallets

I’ve already used old wooden pallets to make a wheelie bin shelter and have told you about¬†sheds made from pallets but what other uses are there for your humble pallet? Taking pallets apart can be very hard work so here are some great ideas where you don’t even need to do that! Strawberry Planter Get …

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Building a shed from wooden pallets

Wooden Pallets

Sheds, summerhouses and workshops can be expensive to buy and where is the fun in getting someone else to come and build it when you can do it yourself? A project I’d like to undertake in the future is to build a shed from discarded wood pallets and I’ve started my research by seeing what …

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Courgette Seeds and Candle Making

Scaffold Plank Shelving 2

Part of being an aforementioned Garden Geek is experimenting, reusing, and repurposing, and I try and do this not only in the garden but in the house as well. This summer I grew some fairly large courgettes, too large to really be any good for eating, and today was the time to get rid of …

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The start of the Garden Geek

Scaffold Plank Shelving 4

I’ve always loved the outdoors and when I was younger I’d always be making or doing something in the garden, whether my Mum wanted it or not but I just enjoyed tinkering and growing things. I see myself as a very practical person and that is reflected in the things I like doing. I actually …

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