Praise for the pizza oven

White outdoor pizza oven in a lovely garden

I feel pretty proud that I built my own pizza oven from scratch and guests who come over to eat homemade pizzas are pretty chuffed and jealous in equal measures too! But this week I had the pleasure of getting the following email. Not only had Jim read about my pizza oven on this blog …

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The Best Wood For Your Pizza Oven

The best wood for a pizza oven

To get straight to the point the best woods to burn in your wood-fired pizza oven are hardwoods such as ash, birch, oak, maple and beech.  Whilst they’re more expensive than softwoods you really will notice the difference when using your pizza oven. Hardwood trumps softwood It’s hardwood all the way for your wood fired …

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Vlog: Adding the outer arch to the pizza oven

Praise for the pizza oven 9

Here’s a quick vlog for my Pizza Oven project as I’ve now added the outer arch and flue and all that’s left is to add an insulation layer on the dome and render it.

Apart from that it’s a fully functioning pizza oven but insulation will help it warm up quicker and allow it to retain more heat so it’ll a worthwhile addition.

If you want to read my step-by-step diary of the build so far then please click here.

Pizza Oven Build Part 6 – Finishing the Dome

Praise for the pizza oven 10

In the last post I’d started the dome and in this part I finish it! [infobox maintitle=”Want to build your own pizza oven?” subtitle=”Click here for all parts of the pizza oven build guide” bg=”yellow” color=”black” opacity=”off” space=”30″ link=””] So here’s what it looked like where we left it last time and up until that …

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Pizza Oven Build Part 5 – Starting the Dome

Praise for the pizza oven 11

After all the prep it’s finally time to start building the dome! Exciting times eh? The dome is all about bricks and mortar. I’m using bog-standard house bricks (cut in half) for my dome as my budget didn’t stretch to using fire bricks for that but research shows that it shouldn’t be too much of …

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Pizza Oven Build Part 4 – Be Prepared

Praise for the pizza oven 12

After building the base and laying the firebricks it’s time to start building the dome! Exciting eh?!…but don’t get too carried away as there was still some prep to do before that. It would be easy to go gung-ho and just go for it but if you want an oven that actually works then you’ll …

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