Bluebells at King’s Wood, Challock…2016

Bluebells at King's Wood, Challock...2016 1

King’s Wood is only a few miles from my home so it’s my first choice for seeing the Bluebells which are out for only a month each Spring. I wrote a post about my visit last year and posted lots of photos but as it’s a 1500 acre forest there’s plenty to see and that …

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Spring Lambs at Chartham

Spring Lambs at Chartham 2

Around this time of year you can’t avoid seeing all the newborn lambs in the fields around Kent and I love them! We have lots of fields in my village and whilst most are for crops there is one at the bottom which has sheep in! I took a walk down there this morning with …

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Sandy Scenes at Dymchurch Beach

Sandy Scenes at Dymchurch Beach 3

I’ve grown up by the seaside in Thanet, Kent and I guess I’ve been spoilt by having that on my doorstep and so I’ve never ventured further but last weekend I went to Dymchurch beach.

I was amazed by how big it was, a three mile stretch of sandy beach!

I took the video above as it was a little windy but loved the scene created. As you can see it was pretty empty but I’m sure it’ll get busier once the holidays begin.

Want to know how to get there? Here a link.