Preparing Your Garden For Winter

Preparing Your Garden For Winter 1

With summer gone and winter not far away¬†there are certain jobs that need to be done and a few hours work will help you and you garden over winter. You’ve also no doubt bought plants and spent money in the garden so it would be a shame to see those plants die and you have …

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New shed and chicken run

New shed and chicken run 3

In the summer I wrote a post about wanting to build a shed out of wooden pallets but when the opportunity to buy a new shed came around I had to go with it and so there won’t be any pallet sheds being built here any time soon. In that post I did write that …

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Letting the chickens roam

Chicken - Mabel

The weather this weekend was marvellous and no doubt everyone enjoyed getting out in the garden and enjoying the sunshine, and this wasn’t just the humans! Mabel (Red), Mavis (White), and Maude (Grey) loved getting out! The chickens have a coop and a run and whilst I want them to have more space and be …

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The start of the Garden Geek

The start of the Garden Geek 5

I’ve always loved the outdoors and when I was younger I’d always be making or doing something in the garden, whether my Mum wanted it or not but I just enjoyed tinkering and growing things. I see myself as a very practical person and that is reflected in the things I like doing. I actually …

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