Growing Grape Vines in Southern England

Growing Grape Vines in Southern England 1

Half my family live in Northern Cyprus, and when I was a child I used to go and visit for the school holidays, six weeks, every summer. I used to stay in the town of Güzelyurt which is famous for its citrus farming and if you go there you will see huge groves of oranges and lemons, …

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New life in the garden

New life in the garden 2

I like getting out with my camera and thought I’d pop out and take some photos of all the new life that has sprung up in the garden. I love it when new shoots, leaves, and buds start appearing after their dormant winter phase so here is what you can find in my garden. For …

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Fruitful time in the garden


There’s nothing like having your own fruit in the garden and whilst I’ve previously had things like raspberries and strawberries I’ve never had a real fruit tree. I guess the thinking was that they take a long time to mature and I wouldn’t get to see the benefits but now I’m in a long term …

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