The Best Wood For Your Pizza Oven

The best wood for a pizza oven

To get straight to the point the best woods to burn in your wood-fired pizza oven are hardwoods such as ash, birch, oak, maple and beech.  Whilst they’re more expensive than softwoods you really will notice the difference when using your pizza oven. Hardwood trumps softwood It’s hardwood all the way for your wood fired …

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Pizza Oven Build Part 6 – Finishing the Dome

Pizza Oven Build Part 6 - Finishing the Dome 1

In the last post I’d started the dome and in this part I finish it! [infobox maintitle=”Want to build your own pizza oven?” subtitle=”Click here for all parts of the pizza oven build guide” bg=”yellow” color=”black” opacity=”off” space=”30″ link=””] So here’s what it looked like where we left it last time and up until that …

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Too many pallets? What do you do?

Pallet Bonfire

So you’ve had a few deliveries, got a couple out of skips, been given a handful by friends… and now you actually have too many pallets! What do you do?

The people in Alesund, Norway do something very different to celebrate Sankthans or ‘Midsummer’ which is a festival held on 24th June every year to commemorate the birth of John the Baptist. They make a big tower and then set it alight!

Unbelievably the build it 130 feet high and then they light it from the top! I wouldn’t want to have that job!

It’s a pretty impressive sight but I can’t help thinking that those pallets could be put to better use such as making a shed, a bin shelter, or something else!