Pork, Apple, and Cranberry Scotch Eggs

Pork, Apple, and Cranberry Scotch Eggs 1

I’ve made Scotch Eggs (a whole egg covered in pork and breadcrumbs… if you really have to ask) several times in the past in my quest to try and use my chicken’s eggs, but whilst I generally use sausage meat I thought I’d try something different. Christmas Scotch Eggs!!! These scotch eggs sound quite fancy …

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Life Hack: How to poach eggs the easy way

Life Hack: How to poach eggs the easy way 2

The traditionally prescribed method to poach eggs is along the lines of boiling water and a splash of vinegar, swirling it around, adding an egg, and then spending half an hour cleaning the pan and wishing that you’d never tried to poach an egg! But I have the solution!… The easiest way to poach an egg There are …

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Let’s bring back the mighty boiled egg!

Let's bring back the mighty boiled egg! 3

One of the simplest things you can cook is a boiled egg. It really does sound pretty boring but imagine the perfectly cooked boiled egg, a yolk perfect for dipping your bread soldiers in, in fact I’m getting hungry just thinking of it. Forget fry-ups or continental breakfasts, I’m making it my challenge to bring …

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A triple of triple of yolked eggs

Triple Yolk Egg #2

The other week I blogged about how I had a triple yolked egg and how the odds were a long 25 million to 1. In fact when I told people about this, okay when I told everyone about it, most of them had only heard of double yolkers so I was feeling pretty good about …

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The first egg!

Chicken Egg

Ever since we got the chickens four and a bit weeks ago people have been asking if we’ve had any eggs and I’ve had to say no but yesterday we got our first egg from our Chickens! The chickens are around 18 weeks old now and forums said that it could be up to 25 …

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I’ve got chickens!


So two weeks ago something exciting happened. I finally got my chickens! I’ve been talking about getting chickens for probably the last two years, ever since I moved to Chartham, but finally it was the right time to get them. I decided to make the leap into chicken ownership once I’d returned from my Easter …

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A great gift from Santa

A great gift from Santa 4

I hope you all had a good Christmas. I know I did and can’t wait to get back outside, getting more active, and shedding the festive pounds and I thought I would share what I got as my main present from my lovely wife…. a chicken coop! We’ve now we’ve been in our new house …

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