I’ve Been Spiralizing

I thought I’d get in on the craze and do my bit!

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They’re a bit of a craze right now so I thought I’d get in on the action and get a spiralizer! I do like a gadget but this is one that I think I may actually use as I’m expecting a glut of courgettes from the garden this summer and if you haven’t heard of courgetti spaghetti then where have you been?

I had a look on the high-street and there’s actually a wide range to choose from, with varying budgets, but as usual I took to the internet and opted for a cheap one that cost around ¬£6.

There’s plenty of suppliers online and on the high-street so it’s worth shopping around.

Does it work?

I’m happy to say that it actually works, and it’s very easy too. The first thing I’ve made is the trend-setting courgetti spaghetti and it was very nice indeed!

My model has 2 cut settings to thinner/thicker spirals and it pretty simple to use, basically it’s just like a giant pencil sharpener!

Having a look online it seems that boiling (like you would regular pasta) would give you very soggy courgetti so it’s best to simply fry it in a pan for a minute as if you were stir frying it.

Here’s how it turned out. This is with Quorn Bolognese too, so excuse the fact it looks like brain! The spiralised courgette¬†was actually very tasty and was a great pasta substitute as it’s healthier, less calories, less carbs, and cooks very quickly.

I've Been Spiralizing 1

What next?

Butternut Squash is lined-up next for the spiralizer treatment. I know you can’t wait to find out how it goes!!

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