Praise for the pizza oven

I feel pretty proud that I built my own pizza oven from scratch and guests who come over to eat homemade pizzas are pretty chuffed and jealous in equal measures too! But this week I had the pleasure of getting the following email.

Praise for the pizza oven 1

Not only had Jim read about my pizza oven on this blog but he’s actually built his own based on my design and then had the courtesy to email me too. Wow!

I was half expecting the email to be spam when I opened it but no, it was actually a genuine email, and after replying to Jim he sent through some photos and said I could share them on here.

Praise for the pizza oven 2Praise for the pizza oven 3
Praise for the pizza oven 4

Praise for the pizza oven 5

I’m really impressed with the built and love the addition of the tiled worktops to either side of the oven. That is definitely something I’ll be copying!

Here’s a final comment from Jim:

Thanks again for your blog, it really helped me. I’ve never laid a brick before so it was pretty daunting. I think it’s turned out great and my wife loves it too, which is always the most important thing!

So Jim had never laid a brick before and managed to build this great oven! In all honesty I think it might be better than mine! He’s just got a bit more rendering to be done and then that’s it!

If you’re thinking of building your own pizza oven then have a look at my blog posts for tips and advice and as always feel free to pop me an email if you have any questions or want to show off your build.

2 thoughts on “Praise for the pizza oven”

  1. Hi thanks fir the great posts really useful for my oven build

    I’m going to use fire bricks for the base similar size to yours and wondered how many I need to cover just the oven base area

    Also do you have any thoughts on using fire bricks fir part or all of the dome
    They are very pricey but I read that ordinary clay bricks can spall with repeated thermal shock of fast heating when you fire up the oven
    Do you have any thoughts and experience from your oven you might share

    Many thanks again


    • Glad you’re finding my blog useful. The firebricks only need to be on the cooking area, but I had some spare so did all the base.

      My normal house bricks are doing fine in the dome and firebricks would’ve taken the cost massively up. My oven has been going for 5 years and still holding strong.


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