Easy Pallet Ideas

Garden Pallets

I’ve already used old wooden pallets to make a wheelie bin shelter and have told you about sheds made from pallets but what other uses are there for your humble pallet? Taking pallets apart can be very hard work so here are some great ideas where you don’t even need to do that! Strawberry Planter Get … Read more

Building a shed from wooden pallets

Wooden Pallets

Sheds, summerhouses and workshops can be expensive to buy and where is the fun in getting someone else to come and build it when you can do it yourself? A project I’d like to undertake in the future is to build a shed from discarded wood pallets and I’ve started my research by seeing what … Read more

A triple of triple of yolked eggs

Triple Yolk Egg #2

The other week I blogged about how I had a triple yolked egg and how the odds were a long 25 million to 1. In fact when I told people about this, okay when I told everyone about it, most of them had only heard of double yolkers so I was feeling pretty good about … Read more

Cordyline australis

Cordyline australis, Cabbage Tree, Cabbage Palm, or Torquay Palm

The first thing that you’ll see in our garden is a tall palm-like tree which I now know is called Cordyline autralis but can also be known as a Cabbage Tree, Cabbage Palm, or Torbay Palm. The tree is native to New Zealand but can be found in many gardens around the UK as well … Read more

Identifying plants in the garden

RHS - How to Garden Book

Unless you’re Alan Titchmarsh or you’ve kept the labels then you’re probably not going to know the names of all the plants in your garden, if any, and that’s the case with me. In some cases I’ve got a rough idea and in some cases I’ve got no idea so I thought it would be … Read more

Triple Yolked Eggs!

Triple Yolked Eggs! 3

You know how exciting it can be to get a double yolk egg? That’s assuming you’ve had one before. I hadn’t until last week and have had a couple more since so that’s pretty cool. The British Egg Information Service (yes there is one!) said the instance of eggs being double yolkers was thought to … Read more

Fruitful time in the garden


There’s nothing like having your own fruit in the garden and whilst I’ve previously had things like raspberries and strawberries I’ve never had a real fruit tree. I guess the thinking was that they take a long time to mature and I wouldn’t get to see the benefits but now I’m in a long term … Read more

The first egg!

Chicken Egg

Ever since we got the chickens four and a bit weeks ago people have been asking if we’ve had any eggs and I’ve had to say no but yesterday we got our first egg from our Chickens! The chickens are around 18 weeks old now and forums said that it could be up to 25 … Read more

Letting the chickens roam

Chicken - Mabel

The weather this weekend was marvellous and no doubt everyone enjoyed getting out in the garden and enjoying the sunshine, and this wasn’t just the humans! Mabel (Red), Mavis (White), and Maude (Grey) loved getting out! The chickens have a coop and a run and whilst I want them to have more space and be … Read more