November Round-up

So let me start off by saying that this isn’t going to be an amazing blog post but you’ve got to get the ball rolling right? The dark evenings and cold weather have meant that I’ve spent virtually zero time outside in the garden so I’m not really fulfilling my garden geek status, but that will change in the new year.

So this is just a general round-up post of nothing really.

Weed Control

I bought more weed control fabric so I could completely cover the front garden and keep it weed free until spring when I will be turfing it and I can’t wait for that to happen. At the moment it doesn’t look that appealing but I did buy some ground pegs to replace the bricks etc that were holding the sheets down so at least it looks a bit neater for the carol singers who will no doubt be around soon!


For the past year I’ve been commuting by train and bike but recently I’ve had enough of delays, the cold, and generally having to plan my life around public transport so I decided to get a car again. So I bought one, and bagged a bargain for only £295! It’s a good runaround, will get me to work, and because it’s not too post I can also use it for taking stuff to the tip, or even better… getting some bargains for skips etc!


We moved into our house just under a year ago and were concentrating on getting the inside decorated so now that we’ve cleared the outside too it really is a great opportunity to properly plan what we’re doing with the outside and making it into something special. Watch this space and I promise more interesting posts soon!

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