Make Your Own Christmas Tree Decorations

If you’ve got a spare afternoon then you can easily make your own simple Christmas tree decorations from any spare wood you have and I chose pallet wood.

The first step is to grab yourself a pencil and roughly draw a tree shape. As you can see I didn’t go too specific and I personally like the rustic look so that’s good!

Christmas Tree Decoration 4
Christmas Tree Decoration

Using a jigsaw I cut the shape out and drilled a hole for ribbon so that it can hang on the tree. The main issue I had was that my jigsaw cutting wasn’t perfect so I also used my rotary tool (with sanding disc attachment) to get in the little nooks to smooth off any rough cuts. Then finally I sanded down the tree to smooth the edges give it a good finish.

What do you think?

I may experiment a little with some gold spray to give it that extra hint of Christmas.

Christmas Tree Decoration 2
Christmas Tree Decoration 5

Christmas Tree Decoration 3

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