Life Hack: How to poach eggs the easy way

The traditionally prescribed method to poach eggs is along the lines of boiling water and a splash of vinegar, swirling it around, adding an egg, and then spending half an hour cleaning the pan and wishing that you’d never tried to poach an egg! But I have the solution!…

The easiest way to poach an egg

There are plenty of gadgets out for poaching eggs but I haven’t found any that are as easy or reliable as this method. This is an amazingly simple way to poach eggs with just a few steps and it’s great to add another easy tool to the repertoire instead of just boiled, fried, or scrambled eggs.

Step 1

Cut off a square of cling film and drape over a mug leaving a good dip in the middle. Poached Eggs (1)

Step 2

Crack an egg into the dip.

Poached Eggs (2)

Step 3

Lift up the over-hanging sides of cling film and then use a twist tie (the ones you get with sandwich bags) to seal it up just as in the photo below.

Poached Eggs (3)

Step 4

Now boil a pan of water. And have your bread ready for the toaster. The top tip is to start toasting your bread at exactly the same time as the eggs. So once the water is boiling, pop the bread in the toaster and put your egg parcels in the pan. When the toast pops you should remove your eggs. Just remember that and all will be fine.

Poached Eggs (4)

Step 5

Pop! The toast is done so it’s time to remove the eggs from the water. They’ll be hot so be careful.

Poached Eggs (5)

Step 6

Remove the twist ties and gently pull down the sides of the clingfilm to reveal your perfect poached egg!

Poached Eggs (6)

Step 7

Eat it! The moment of truth with poached eggs in when you break them open and as you can see there’s the perfect mix of gooey and runny yolk.

Poached Eggs Yummy


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  1. This is the top blog post I have read all year – such a beautiful simple idea! I left off poaching eggs some years ago because they split in the water and made a total mess so since then I have fried every egg I ate, sometimes wistfully recalling the days when I poached well.. now I begin a new life as a poacher! Thankyou so much 🙂


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