The Eden Project in Cornwall

Normally when I take leave from work I end up pottering around the garden or taking on some kind of DIY task without really relaxing so this week, when I got a few days of work, the wife and I headed down to Cornwall and visited the Eden Project. It’s quite a trek of 300 miles each way but definitely well worth it, especially if you are a garden geek like me.

If you’ve not heard of the Eden Project then check out the photo below which should give you a better idea of what to expect. The main features are the two ‘biomes’, one Tropical and one Mediterranean, which are pretty awesome, but it doesn’t end there with stunning garden displays around the site. We managed to spend 7 hours wandering around and even then I’m sure there are things we still didn’t see.


The focus of Eden isn’t just about being a great place to visit though as its whole ethos is about education with a focus on regeneration and sustainability and when you realise this you see that everything decision in creating this place has been made with that in mind. The project is located in a former china clay pit, and what better way of educating than but taking a china clay pit exhausted and stripped bare by man and then turning it around into this attraction.

When you enter the ‘biomes’ you really feel like you’re in the future and to be honest if we keep destroying rainforests at the current rate then that’s not too far from the truth. Did you know that every 10 minutes of every day an area of rainforest the size of 30 football pitches is cut down? Scarey stuff eh?

Mediterranean Biome
Mediterranean Biome
Tropical Biome
Tropical Biome

Although the Biomes take centre stage it’s great to see all the different plants that thrive around the UK and I’ve taken some inspiration so see what I can replicate in the garden at home. As you can see the birds and the bees love it at Eden!
The birds love Eden Project

The bees love Eden Project

Even though we only went down to Cornwall for a couple of days it was well worth the trip and a great place for anyone to go whether you’re a couple, a family, a keen photographer, etc. You can find out more about the Eden Project on their website.

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