Shedspiration… Interior Shed & Workshop Design

Shedspiration... Interior Shed & Workshop Design 1

My shed, like many of yours, is generally an unloved dumping ground where many many items go to be forgotten. This isn’t what my shed was for. My shed was to be a workshop, an organised space, somewhere I could go and work and enjoy. What happened? Life got in the way… that’s what,  and … Read more

Garden Shed Storage Solutions

Garden Shed Storage Solutions 2

There’s no point in having a large shed/workshop if it’s stuffed full of junk and you can’t even get in there and that’s where I’ve found myself after getting my new shed last winter and not having the time or the weather conditions to do any more, but summer is here (and almost gone) so … Read more

Building a shed from wooden pallets

Wooden Pallets

Sheds, summerhouses and workshops can be expensive to buy and where is the fun in getting someone else to come and build it when you can do it yourself? A project I’d like to undertake in the future is to build a shed from discarded wood pallets and I’ve started my research by seeing what … Read more