Spring Lambs at Chartham

Spring Lambs at Chartham 2

Around this time of year you can’t avoid seeing all the newborn lambs in the fields around Kent and I love them! We have lots of fields in my village and whilst most are for crops there is one at the bottom which has sheep in! I took a walk down there this morning with … Read more

Bluebells at King’s Wood, Challock


King’s Wood at Challock, Kent is just a couple of miles down the road from my home and so with the sun out the wife and I went for a trek to see the bluebells (Hyacinthoides non-scripta) which appear there every year. Of course it also gave me a good excuse to take my camera and get … Read more

Do Conkers Repel Spiders?

Do Conkers Repel Spiders? 3

Today many teachers are on strike and that means that children have had the day off school but imagine my surprise on the way home when I spotted loads of conkers on the ground. What plausible explanation could there be as to why this goldmine hadn’t been touched? In my day conkers was a great … Read more