Bluebells at King’s Wood, Challock…2016

Bluebells at King's Wood, Challock...2016 2

King’s Wood is only a few miles from my home so it’s my first choice for seeing the Bluebells which are out for only a month each Spring. I wrote a post about my visit last year and posted lots of photos but as it’s a 1500 acre forest there’s plenty to see and that …

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Spring Lambs at Chartham

Spring Lambs at Chartham 3

Around this time of year you can’t avoid seeing all the newborn lambs in the fields around Kent and I love them! We have lots of fields in my village and whilst most are for crops there is one at the bottom which has sheep in! I took a walk down there this morning with …

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Cycling from Chartham to Canterbury

Cycling from Chartham to Canterbury 5

The warm weather is finally here and on Friday I plucked up the courage to get my bike out the shed and cycle to work. I’m lucky that there is a cycle path called the Great Stour Way which runs right from the village centre all the way into the centre of Canterbury so not only do I get to avoid any cars but I also get to cycle through some great countryside and see lots of animals along the way too!

The video above shows my cycle speeded up by four times, and if you really want to relive it then you can see the full-length version here.

I took the video using my SJ4000 action camera mounted to my handlebars. It’s just like a GoPro but much cheaper, so if you’re looking for a waterproof action camera you can use on you bike, car, even underwater then I’d recommend it.

Of course you don’t need to get a dedicated camera and can use your smartphone which is what I used for the clip below of the sheep I get to cycle past.

Once the videos are up on YouTube then you can easily edit them and add filters etc. so don’t worry if you’re clips aren’t the best.

The Eden Project in Cornwall

Eden Project

Normally when I take leave from work I end up pottering around the garden or taking on some kind of DIY task without really relaxing so this week, when I got a few days of work, the wife and I headed down to Cornwall and visited the Eden Project. It’s quite a trek of 300 …

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A Storm Over Canterbury

A Storm Over Canterbury 6

It was like a scene from Independence Day but actually it was just an unusual weather formation with a huge stormfront covering Chartham within the space of minutes. Sunny one minute and then stormy the next.

I managed to get outside and take some photos before running inside when it got a bit scary!

Make the most of the countryside and go for a walk

Horses in Ashford

The UK may be a ‘small island’ in some people’s minds but I think we are so lucky to have so much countryside around us, and no matter where you live you can generally find a green space pretty close. There are thousands of public footpaths, parks, and greens to take advantage of and with …

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Do Conkers Repel Spiders?

Do Conkers Repel Spiders? 7

Today many teachers are on strike and that means that children have had the day off school but imagine my surprise on the way home when I spotted loads of conkers on the ground. What plausible explanation could there be as to why this goldmine hadn’t been touched? In my day conkers was a great …

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