Pork, Apple, and Cranberry Scotch Eggs

Pork, Apple, and Cranberry Scotch Eggs 1

I’ve made Scotch Eggs (a whole egg covered in pork and breadcrumbs… if you really have to ask) several times in the past in my quest to try and use my chicken’s eggs, but whilst I generally use sausage meat I thought I’d try something different. Christmas Scotch Eggs!!! These scotch eggs sound quite fancy … Read more

Keeping Chickens Safe: Predators


When you tell someone you’ve got chickens or even that you’re thinking of getting some then I can guarantee that one of the first questions they ask will be “what about foxes?”. Yes it’s a valid point as one of your main priorities of owning chickens is to give them a safe environment to live … Read more

Let’s bring back the mighty boiled egg!

Let's bring back the mighty boiled egg! 2

One of the simplest things you can cook is a boiled egg. It really does sound pretty boring but imagine the perfectly cooked boiled egg, a yolk perfect for dipping your bread soldiers in, in fact I’m getting hungry just thinking of it. Forget fry-ups or continental breakfasts, I’m making it my challenge to bring … Read more

Readers Eggs

Readers Eggs 3

“Don’t count your chickens before they hatch” is a saying that kind of applies to this post… but not really.. It’s got something to do with chickens… and eggs… and yolks.. but no actual hatching… hmmm let’s start again. Oh Okey Cokey Yokey! When you crack open an egg you’re never entirely sure what’s going … Read more

How is chicken wire made?

Chicken Wire

You don’t have to own chickens to know what chicken wire is, and in most instances you’ve probably used it at some point too, but do you know how it’s made? Well here is the answer!

Chicken Wire

This is a gambion machine which twists flexible galvanised steel wire into what we know as chicken wire! This is where the Geek part of Garden Geek comes to the fore!

A triple of triple of yolked eggs

Triple Yolk Egg #2

The other week I blogged about how I had a triple yolked egg and how the odds were a long 25 million to 1. In fact when I told people about this, okay when I told everyone about it, most of them had only heard of double yolkers so I was feeling pretty good about … Read more

Triple Yolked Eggs!

Triple Yolked Eggs! 4

You know how exciting it can be to get a double yolk egg? That’s assuming you’ve had one before. I hadn’t until last week and have had a couple more since so that’s pretty cool. The British Egg Information Service (yes there is one!) said the instance of eggs being double yolkers was thought to … Read more

The first egg!

Chicken Egg

Ever since we got the chickens four and a bit weeks ago people have been asking if we’ve had any eggs and I’ve had to say no but yesterday we got our first egg from our Chickens! The chickens are around 18 weeks old now and forums said that it could be up to 25 … Read more

Letting the chickens roam

Chicken - Mabel

The weather this weekend was marvellous and no doubt everyone enjoyed getting out in the garden and enjoying the sunshine, and this wasn’t just the humans! Mabel (Red), Mavis (White), and Maude (Grey) loved getting out! The chickens have a coop and a run and whilst I want them to have more space and be … Read more

How much do chickens cost? – A start-up guide for novices

Chicken coop

Once I decided I wanted to get chickens it wasn’t just a case of buying the chickens but also working out what else I needed to buy, so I did my research and here’s a helpful list of all the things I’ve bought to make my chooks feel at home. This will obviously vary depending … Read more