November Round-up

So let me start off by saying that this isn’t going to be an amazing blog post but you’ve got to get the ball rolling right? The dark evenings and cold weather have meant that I’ve spent virtually zero time outside in the garden so I’m not really fulfilling my garden geek status, but that …

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Courgette Seeds and Candle Making

Courgette Seeds and Candle Making 1

Part of being an aforementioned Garden Geek is experimenting, reusing, and repurposing, and I try and do this not only in the garden but in the house as well. This summer I grew some fairly large courgettes, too large to really be any good for eating, and today was the time to get rid of …

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Why Are My Tomatoes Bitter?

Cherry Tomatoes

As the cold weather sets in I’ve not really got a huge amount of veg growing in the garden. The courgette plants have been pulled up, the onions are just there, doing nothing and waiting for when I want them, and then we come to my cherry tomatoes. In the summer I planted Sun Gold …

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Do Conkers Repel Spiders?

Do Conkers Repel Spiders? 3

Today many teachers are on strike and that means that children have had the day off school but imagine my surprise on the way home when I spotted loads of conkers on the ground. What plausible explanation could there be as to why this goldmine hadn’t been touched? In my day conkers was a great …

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The start of the Garden Geek

The start of the Garden Geek 4

I’ve always loved the outdoors and when I was younger I’d always be making or doing something in the garden, whether my Mum wanted it or not but I just enjoyed tinkering and growing things. I see myself as a very practical person and that is reflected in the things I like doing. I actually …

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Growing Giant Courgettes

Growing Giant Courgettes 5

I enjoy growing my own veg and if you’re going to start your own growing then I think there’s nothing easier to grow than courgettes. Okay they’re a little boring but they’re so easy to grow and you can get dozens from a single plant so at least you’ve got something to show for your …

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