Scaffold Plank Shelving

Scaffold Plank Shelving 1

I love recycling, reusing, and upcycling so when I wanted to put a new shelf up in the living room I popped to the bottom of the garden and grabbed an old scaffold plank section that had been left by the previous owners. I don’t like throwing wood away and it’s at times like this …

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Cycling from Chartham to Canterbury

Cycling from Chartham to Canterbury 2

The warm weather is finally here and on Friday I plucked up the courage to get my bike out the shed and cycle to work. I’m lucky that there is a cycle path called the Great Stour Way which runs right from the village centre all the way into the centre of Canterbury so not only do I get to avoid any cars but I also get to cycle through some great countryside and see lots of animals along the way too!

The video above shows my cycle speeded up by four times, and if you really want to relive it then you can see the full-length version here.

I took the video using my SJ4000 action camera mounted to my handlebars. It’s just like a GoPro but much cheaper, so if you’re looking for a waterproof action camera you can use on you bike, car, even underwater then I’d recommend it.

Of course you don’t need to get a dedicated camera and can use your smartphone which is what I used for the clip below of the sheep I get to cycle past.

Once the videos are up on YouTube then you can easily edit them and add filters etc. so don’t worry if you’re clips aren’t the best.

Readers Eggs

Readers Eggs 3

“Don’t count your chickens before they hatch” is a saying that kind of applies to this post… but not really.. It’s got something to do with chickens… and eggs… and yolks.. but no actual hatching… hmmm let’s start again. Oh Okey Cokey Yokey! When you crack open an egg you’re never entirely sure what’s going …

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How is chicken wire made?

Chicken Wire

You don’t have to own chickens to know what chicken wire is, and in most instances you’ve probably used it at some point too, but do you know how it’s made? Well here is the answer!

Chicken Wire

This is a gambion machine which twists flexible galvanised steel wire into what we know as chicken wire! This is where the Geek part of Garden Geek comes to the fore!

New life in the garden

New life in the garden 4

I like getting out with my camera and thought I’d pop out and take some photos of all the new life that has sprung up in the garden. I love it when new shoots, leaves, and buds start appearing after their dormant winter phase so here is what you can find in my garden. For …

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Amazing Russian Duck Herding Skills

Duck Herding Skills

My chickens know that I’m the one who feeds them and always follow me around in the hope that I’ve got a tasty treat for them but this video of a Russian duck farmer is simply amazing. They obviously know that he’s the one who feeds them!

The farmer walks out of his barn, shouts orders at the ducks, who then proceed to line-up and in a nice orderly fashion waddle into the barn!

Easy Pallet Ideas

Garden Pallets

I’ve already used old wooden pallets to make a wheelie bin shelter and have told you about sheds made from pallets but what other uses are there for your humble pallet? Taking pallets apart can be very hard work so here are some great ideas where you don’t even need to do that! Strawberry Planter Get …

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New Year Update

New Year Update 5

Ok, I know we’re well into January now but I haven’t posted a blog for quite a while so thought I’d dip my feet back in with just a quick update.

Not surprisingly it involves the chickens again as they as so easy to write about and can hopefully get things ticking along.

I took the video using my new action camera I got for Christmas and had it mounted on a pole to get a more unique angle. I didn’t intend to add the Jaws soundtrack but it works out quite well!

I hope any readers had a good festive period and I’m so happy that the days are now getting longer. Lots of planning to do!