Garden Shed Storage Solutions

Garden Shed Storage Solutions 1

There’s no point in having a large shed/workshop if it’s stuffed full of junk and you can’t even get in there and that’s where I’ve found myself after getting my new shed last winter and not having the time or the weather conditions to do any more, but summer is here (and almost gone) so …

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Keeping Chickens Safe: Predators


When you tell someone you’ve got chickens or even that you’re thinking of getting some then I can guarantee that one of the first questions they ask will be “what about foxes?”. Yes it’s a valid point as one of your main priorities of owning chickens is to give them a safe environment to live …

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Let’s bring back the mighty boiled egg!

Let's bring back the mighty boiled egg! 3

One of the simplest things you can cook is a boiled egg. It really does sound pretty boring but imagine the perfectly cooked boiled egg, a yolk perfect for dipping your bread soldiers in, in fact I’m getting hungry just thinking of it. Forget fry-ups or continental breakfasts, I’m making it my challenge to bring …

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Sandy Scenes at Dymchurch Beach

Sandy Scenes at Dymchurch Beach 4

I’ve grown up by the seaside in Thanet, Kent and I guess I’ve been spoilt by having that on my doorstep and so I’ve never ventured further but last weekend I went to Dymchurch beach.

I was amazed by how big it was, a three mile stretch of sandy beach!

I took the video above as it was a little windy but loved the scene created. As you can see it was pretty empty but I’m sure it’ll get busier once the holidays begin.

Want to know how to get there? Here a link.

Make Your Own Pizza Oven

Make Your Own Pizza Oven 5

UPDATE: I built my own pizza oven and you can read the step-by-step guide here. It’s always good to have a dream, and my dream is to build my own pizza oven! Okay, that’s not my only dream but how awesome would it be to have one in your own back garden. Yes, it’s impractical …

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Beer Barrows

Beer Barrows 6

If there’s one way to make you long for an ice cold beer and a BBQ it’s looking at these photos! If you’re having a get together then ditch the fridge, grab some ice and make use of your humble wheelbarrow! It seems like quite a few people are using this idea for their vintage …

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Too many pallets? What do you do?

Pallet Bonfire

So you’ve had a few deliveries, got a couple out of skips, been given a handful by friends… and now you actually have too many pallets! What do you do?

The people in Alesund, Norway do something very different to celebrate Sankthans or ‘Midsummer’ which is a festival held on 24th June every year to commemorate the birth of John the Baptist. They make a big tower and then set it alight!

Unbelievably the build it 130 feet high and then they light it from the top! I wouldn’t want to have that job!

It’s a pretty impressive sight but I can’t help thinking that those pallets could be put to better use such as making a shed, a bin shelter, or something else!