Why Are My Tomatoes Bitter?

October 22, 2013 by Garden, Vegetables 2 Comments

As the cold weather sets in I’ve not really got a huge amount of veg growing in the garden. The courgette plants have been pulled up, the onions are just there, doing nothing and waiting for when I want them, and then we come to my cherry tomatoes.

Cherry TomatoesIn the summer I planted Sun Gold and Golden Crown and they’ve grown into massive plants, so far so good but, and the big but is that they taste crap. Rubbish. Not really what you expect from cherry tomatoes and nothing I’ve experienced before. So basically they looked amazing but we’re utterly pointless.

Having a look around the internet it’s come up with some possible explanations such as too much rain, poor soil, low temperature, amongst other things. The fact is that I just transferred the plants to the soil and didn’t add any extra nutrients plus it’s been cold and wet so I’ve probably had the perfect combination to have a poor crop. In the past I’ve used growbags and I guess that’s taken care of any issues and it may be that next year I do the same just to be on the safe side. I may also look into sorting out a greenhouse for them so they produce sooner.

I guess this all goes to show that gardening isn’t just about chucking stuff in the ground and that there is some science behind it. Now that I’ve got a whole season ahead of me I want to make gardening a success and will be dedicating a lot more time and reading to ensure I have a fruitful garden (pun fully intended!)

If you have any explanations are to why my cherry toms were bitter then please comment below.

2 comments on “Why Are My Tomatoes Bitter?

  1. on October 30, 2013
    Andrew says:

    Hi Adem

    You need to lift your onions they will not grow any more now and will rot in the ground during the winter.

    • on October 31, 2013
      Adem says:

      Hi Andrew. Thanks for that tip as usually I would’ve eaten them all by now but I’ve got plenty left.

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