Pizza Oven Build Part 8 – Insulating the Dome

With the structure of the pizza oven complete it’s time to add insulation to the dome. The oven will work okay without it but adding an insulation layer will mean the oven heats up quicker, retains heat better, and will mean less fuel is needed so it’s a pretty good thing.

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I bought some ceramic fire blanket from Amazon for £20 and used some old chicken wire to hold it in place around the dome. Use some pliers to twist the wire and get it to hold it’s shape.

insulating the pizza oven

The next step is to add a layer of render. The render is a mix of 4 parts plastering sand with 1 part lime and 1 part cement.

You’ll also need some plastering tools (plastering hawk, trowel, float, etc) plus a mixing paddle you can use in a power drill will help.

The render will hold in place very well due to the chicken wire so make sure you push it in but try not to compact the fire blanket.

insulating the pizza oven 2

The added benefit of the fire blanket insulation is that is will trap heat in the oven and so the render will not get hot and crack.

Once the whole dome was covered I keyed it to give the second layer of render something to stick to.

insulating the pizza oven 3

Next up I’ll add a second layer of render onto the dome and also plaster the rest of the oven.