New shed and chicken run

In the summer I wrote a post about wanting to build a shed out of wooden pallets but when the opportunity to buy a new shed came around I had to go with it and so there won’t be any pallet sheds being built here any time soon. In that post I did write that there was no timeframe to building the shed so it’s still a possibility in the future…

So here is the beast of a shed which measures 16ft by 10ft and was originally designed to be a garage! Emma’s cousin bought this last summer but has moved house and so they sold it to us for half the price they bought it for. It’s great quality, so still cost a fair bit, but it is going to make a really good workshop for me.

It took a fair bit of effort to take apart, transport, and put back up but it’s been worth it! I’ve added guttering to it now and tidied it up a bit too.

At the moment, with the short days, I’m only using it for storage but come spring I’ll be kitting it out with work benches which WILL be made from pallets, and sorting out power etc.

My other development was to build the chickens a new run in time for their first winter. There old run was an organic creation that kept expanding and wasn’t that easy to clean and get access too, so the priorities were that I was able to walk into it and that it was waterproof so that it didn’t get muddy.

Chicken Run

These aims have been achieved and I’ve even got guttering up to drain the water away! They enjoy it although it’s a bit of a shame that they’re always in bed by the time I get home so don’t get them greeting me like they used to in the summer. They have been out and about in the garden at the weekends but it’s not too safe for them to be out when no one is there so they’e happy with their new accommodation.

You’ll be happy to know that I built the chicken run mostly from reclaimed wood and pallets, and just needed to buy the roofing sheets and a few bits of wood so it wasn’t too expensive to put together.

I’m a bit disappointed that winter is here as that means much less time being a Garden Geek so it’ll be back to planning for when the weather gets better and working on the indoor projects instead (of which there are plenty!)