New life in the garden

I like getting out with my camera and thought I’d pop out and take some photos of all the new life that has sprung up in the garden. I love it when new shoots, leaves, and buds start appearing after their dormant winter phase so here is what you can find in my garden.

For the geeky side of things I used my digital SLR Canon Eos 450D with EF-S18-55mm lens. It’s fairly old equipment now as I’ve had it for around 7 years but shows that if you buy quality then it will last. I’ve also got some other lenses too which actually cost more than the camera and these do me just fine. In all honesty I think you can also get some great photos just off your smartphone now so don’t let it put your off taking and sharing your photos.

Plum Tree

Last year I got one plum from this, but judging by how many buds there are I’m hoping for a lot more this year! I bought it very cheap from a garden centre and it’s taken a year to establish itself but I’ve got good hopes for this one.


Apple Tree

I won this tree at an event at Sissinghurst Castle and last year I got eight delicious apples from it. It came from a good nursery so I’ve had no issues and as you can see it’s coming back to life.


Pear Tree

We’ve had no fruit from this yet in two years but fingers crossed for this year. Again this was a cheap buy and I think you do often get what you pay for and you can’t expect instant results.



This was bought at the Kent Garden Show last summer…. and neglected… we thought it was a goner but again, Spring has been kind, and it’s coming back to life!



Rhubarb is one of the most dependable things to have in the garden, coming back year after year, and I love it! Cannot wait for some lovely rhubarb crumble!



I didn’t get to eat too many last year as the slugs got them but I’ll be vigilant this year and as you can see we’ve already got a few forming. The runners that went out last year have tripled the amount of plants we’ve got too so all looking good.



And finally, good old dependable mint! You can’t not help to grow this as it thrives everywhere, and last weekend I had the pleasure of making my own mint sauce with my Easter lamb. It also comes in handy for a nice mojito!