Let’s bring back the mighty boiled egg!

One of the simplest things you can cook is a boiled egg. It really does sound pretty boring but imagine the perfectly cooked boiled egg, a yolk perfect for dipping your bread soldiers in, in fact I’m getting hungry just thinking of it. Forget fry-ups or continental breakfasts, I’m making it my challenge to bring the boiled egg back to the breakfast table!

Electric Egg Boilers

This was a completely new discovery for me as I thought the only way to boil and egg was in a pan of water on the gas hob electric-egg-boiler-gadgetbut silly me forgot we were in the 21st Century and behold technology has caught up and you can now buy some very stylish worktop electric egg boilers.

The egg boiler by VonShef retails at just £11.99 and allows you to cook 7 eggs at one time in its sleek stainless steel dome. It has automatic power-off once the eggs are cooked meaning you can go about your usual business and not have to worry about overcooking your eggs or the pan boiling over. Ladies and Gentlemen…. this is the future!

Fancy toast with your boiled egg?

If space is an issue in your kitchen and you really don’t need another gadget on your worktop thenToast-n-eggs you could opt for the Toast N’ Egg from Tefal which will not only boil up to 4 boiled eggs but will also cook 2 slices of toast at the same time!

I know we’re talking about boiled eggs here, who would’ve thought that, but we are and this toaster/egg boiler also cooks perfect poached eggs too and the wide toaster slots allow for croissants, muffins,bagels etc too! This really is a great bit of kit and makes it easy to have a proper hassle-free breakfast before going to work.

It’s slightly more expensive at £37.11 but if you find yourself rushed in the mornings then it’s a small price to pay for having lovely eggs and dipping soldiers!

Back to basics

If electric egg boilers are simply too much for you and you long for the tradition method of boilingcolour-egg-timer eggs but can never get them to cook right with eggs that are either too runny or too hard then a really simple solution which takes the guesswork out of boiling an egg is to buy a colour changing egg timer.

Simply pop this in the water along with your eggs and the colour will change showing you how cooked your eggs are with markers for ‘soft’, ‘medium’, and ‘hard’. Okay so you still need to keep an eye on your pan but there’s no risk of leaving an eggs to cook for too little or too long. You can often pick these up from 99p and Pound shops but they’re also available for only £1.38 on Amazon if you want it delivered to your door.

Has this convinced you to get back to eating boiled eggs for breakfast?